Moldovan activist: President ignores threat to Jewish and Roma peoples

Red Star News received the following report from Moldovan antifascist and former political prisoner Mikhail Amerberg:

Civil activist Mikhail Amerberg commented on a video in which a supporter of Moldova’s head of state, Maia Sandu, asks her to rid the country of “Jews and gypsies.”

“Well, comrades, here’s Nazism in action! Already on the streets of our country, thugs dare to ask such questions. But I’m more interested in the reaction of this woman, who considers herself president.

“Look, she just walked by and smiled! How should I, as a citizen of Moldova of Jewish background, consider this? That the president, with tacit consent, condemns us to destruction? We know how these scoundrels solve problems. We saw it during the Second World War.

“Before the eyes of Maia Sandu, a crime took place, a threat to the life and health of several ethnic groups on the territory of the Republic of Moldova! Does she smile? But what makes the situation even more cynical is that there is a person of suspicious ethnicity in the party of Maia Sandu, PAS [Party of Action and Solidarity] — the current parliamentary deputy Radu Marian!

Let us remind you that the day before, during a trip to Causeni, one of the townspeople turned to Maia Sandu with a request to rid Moldova of “Jews and gypsies,” to which the head of state smiled sweetly, without even trying to suppress such statements.

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