Comrade Jesús Santrich … ¡Presente, presente, presente!

To the musical rhythm of the farians [members and supporters of the FARC-EP]  and the chorus “Comandante Jesús Santrich, presente, presente, presente… Santrich Vive, La Lucha Sigue,” the youth, children, women and men, the peasants and the farian militants of the Caribe and the Magdalena have sown the insurgent commander forever.

Santrich is in the children, the youth, the women, the elderly, the peasants, the workers, the students, the intellectuals, the artists, the journalists, the defense lawyers of justice, the patriots, the Colombians and Venezuelans, those who inhabit Our America and the world. Santrich is in the air, the water, the flora and the fauna, he remains the defender of life and the fighter for justice.

Santrich was one of the greatest defenders of peace and the Havana Peace Accords. He put his life in danger in a hunger strike demanding compliance with the agreement. He predicted the betrayals that were being woven in Havana and warned that weapons should not be handed over without prior implementation of the accords.

The conspiracy of the bloodthirsty oligarchy headed by Duque does not cease in its desire to destroy any dream of peace and a dignified life; each one with their fine clothes and in the best style of the intelligence of the bad-good, want to continue controlling and deceiving. Cowards who are unable to acknowledge their own actions and blame others: experts in false positives. Those who kill and run away, who are not capable of fighting, are not brave, nor can they be considered heroes.

Farian militants, the children of Manuel and Bolívar, those of us who inhabit this vast geography, from the depths of the Magdalena, the binational strip and the Caribbean coasts; we tell you, with a feeling of pain but with our heads held high, that nobody here is intimidated. For every student killed, for every peasant, worker, Indigenous person, for every social and revolutionary leader they kill, for every tree they cut, thousands will germinate.

Comrade Jesús Santrich!… Presente, presente, presente… hasta siempre! The struggle continues.

For the FARC-EP, Second Marquetalia

Villa Vásquez, May 21, 2021


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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