Colombia: Enough, Duque! No more repression!

Iván Duque\’s foolish arrogance is the cause of this beautiful uprising of dignity and the awakening of consciences. This government of vandals and repressive monsters already knows that the people have the strength to overthrow it. And the people have confirmed that, if they fight together under the banner of change, there will be no government that can resist them. If that wild stream of the people is channeled towards the Narino palace, backed by soldiers with a feeling of homeland and humanity, we will have a new government, either by the irresistible force of the masses, or by the constitutional route. That’s certain.

Enough, Duque! No more military repression or war crimes against defenseless people. Stop the disproportionate use of force. Don’t attack the people with helicopters, don’t intimidate them with overflights of planes day and night over the cities, don’t cut the electricity to shoot residents of popular neighborhoods using night vision goggles. Pick up your paramilitary hitmen who are now shooting at the protest leaders. Heed the call of the U.N. and the European Union to stop the repression. Answer for the dead and missing civilians. Don’t imagine decreeing away the internal upheaval, because the people will overwhelm it and pass over it.

Listen to the people and attend to their demands. Mr. President, don\’t lie and don\’t cheat anymore. It’s very cynical of you to say that the protests are financed by drug trafficking gangs, when you became president thanks to the funding of these mafia gangs. Those drug trafficking monies that made you president of Colombia were collected by your friend Nene Hernandez. Have you already forgotten? Your political father [Álvaro Uribe], the unspeakable agent of genocide, is the founder of this narco-state that we have. And that weighs heavily when speaking.

We call on the members of the public force not to allow themselves to be used any more by selfish and violent oligarchs, who have turned an institution — which, by the mandate of the Liberator [Simón Bolívar], must defend social guarantees — into a private army, guachiman of their profits, and guarantor of its permanence in power. There’s definitely no respect for the people in uniform. You can also be like Chávez, like Torrijos, like Velasco Alvarado and April\’s colonel, Francisco Caamaño. Your place is beside the people, and with the same people — military-civic unity — to support the national political pact or agreement for the establishment of a new government of complete peace, true democracy, social justice and national sovereignty.

FARC-EP Second Marquetalia

May 6, 2021

Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “Colombia: Enough, Duque! No more repression!

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