U.S.-Ukraine threats: Donbass needs help from anti-imperialists around the world

By Patria Socialista (Italy)

We receive and publish information and analysis regarding the current situation in Donbass from our comrade and brother Alberto Fazolo:

′′For several years now the Donbass conflict has been essentially frozen, although there are cyclical recurrences that (albeit with high costs of human lives) don\’t lead to any substantial change in the situation on the ground. For a long time none of the forces involved in the conflict, directly or otherwise, have tried to change the established arrangements and despite a substantial impossibility of application, the Minsk Agreements are a pseudo-guarantee of stability. A stability that cannot be called \’peace\’ because on both sides there are deaths almost daily and the civilian population lives under siege and bombardment by Ukrainian troops.

“This delicate balance runs the risk of breaking soon; there are a whole series of warnings that we need to consider carefully.

“With Biden\’s election as president of the United States, Trump\’s parenthesis, representing an anomaly in U.S. foreign policy, is interrupted. NATO has found new impetus, returning to vigorously play its role of opposition to Russia. The new secretary of state is Anthony Blinken, who has already distinguished himself in crusades against Russia, and will bring U.S. foreign policy back to Obama, Bush and others (from both the Democratic and Republican Party). Blinken was the one most invested in imposing sanctions on Russia after the annexation of Crimea and supporting the Syrian rebels.

\”Russia doesn\’t stand by and watch. While it reinforces his alliances, on the other hand it declares that it will not abandon Donbass to his own fate. This means that in case of escalation it will do more than what has been done so far, and therefore interesting scenarios could be opened, including the enlargement of the territories liberated from the yoke of Kiev.

\”Surely there are significant signs announcing a resumption of the clash, but this isn\’t to say it will necessarily be a conventional war, it could also be a battle of the new \’Cold War\’ that opposes the United States to Russia.

\”Obviously it can\’t be completely ruled out that within a \’cold war\’ between two super powers there can\’t be a traditional localized war. In that case, Donbass would have to do what it\’s been doing for years: resist Ukrainian aggression. It will definitely be able to do so, but it also needs help from anti-imperialists around the world. The imperialist politics of aggression by Western forces must find a levee in workers\’ struggles and in internationalist solidarity.

\”Should the U.S. decide to launch a new offensive (of any kind) against Russia, Italy will surely join the NATO bandwagon and play its part as it has done so far. This is always serious and unacceptable, but today it\’s even more serious: Russia (along with other countries) helped Italy face the first wave of the COVID pandemic. We can\’t now join an offensive against her, it wouldn\’t just be disgraceful, but a real infamy.\”

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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