Benes Ayo is free!

February 14: A member of the Donetsk City Committee of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic, warrior-internationalist Benes Ayo, was released. He wrote details of his detention by police in the Arkhangelsk region on his VKontakte page, reports the correspondent of the Forward website.

Bennes Ayo in Shiyes.

“At the police station, they told me that in November 2019, Latvia put me on an international wanted list through Interpol in connection with my military and political activities in the Donbass and calls for the overthrow of the state system of Latvia. Of course, I was indignant and told the police that I had not violated the laws of either Latvia or Russia. I am an activist of the Other Russia, the Communist Party of the DPR and the Headquarters for the Defense of Russian Schools in Latvia. Together with my comrades, I defend the people of Donbass from the Bandera punishers, behind whom which stand the snickering Ukrainian oligarchs and Euro-American imperialists. I stand for social justice, building socialism in Latvia, Russia, the Donbass and the entire post-Soviet space. I stand for the restoration of the USSR!

“Latvia is a fascist ethnocratic state and is an analogue of Bandera Ukraine. It destroys schools with Russian language instruction, the Communist Party is banned, and people can be arrested for using the Russian language in public life. Latvia supplies fighters and weapons to Bandera Ukraine. Together with Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Georgia, last year it created a Russophobic faction in PACE, demanding to exclude Russia from the organization and introduce additional sanctions against it for Crimea.

“Latvia fabricates criminal cases against dissidents, persecutes left-wing activists, and imprisons defenders of Russian language rights. Since the beginning of 1999, more than eight criminal and political cases have been filed against me in Latvia. I sat in a Latvian prison three times and was tortured and beaten there.

“In Latvia, Alexander Gaponenko, Yuri Alekseev, Tatyana Zhdanok, Vladimir Linderman, etc. are being persecuted. Latvia is an absolute Russophobic evil, and, says one of the leaders of the Headquarters for the Defense of Russian Schools, Alexander Gilman, does not deserve the right to exist!

“Therefore, Russia should not give a damn about any requests from such fascist Russophobic scum as Ukraine, Poland or Latvia!” the message says.

According to Benes Ayo, police officers were also interested in the details of his stay in Shiyes. After that, he was taken to the prosecutor and, in the presence of a lawyer, was asked to give an explanatory note, and a protocol of detention was drawn up. Before being placed in the cell, Benes Ayo was given the opportunity to make a phone call. After two days of detention, he was released. 

Benes Ayo also noted in his message that he wrote a statement appealing to the country’s president to grant him political asylum in Russia.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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