Two years before: the feeling of 1915

On the significance of several years in the scale of history

By Roman Udartsev

These words are not addressed to workers who are engaged only in survival. No, friends, I appeal to those millions who see injustice and cruelty. Workers, peasants and employees who know and remember that it is possible and necessary to live differently. And you’ve lost heart. Of course, because we are millions of miles away from this bright dream. You will die, your children will die, your grandchildren will die, but the happiness of the people will never come. This is a lie!

Tell me, friends, who could have imagined in 1915 that in just a couple of years, the first woman would become a government official? You would be pointed at in the streets and sent to a madhouse. But Alexandra Kollontai became a minister. The most important thing to the proletarian state is dealing with poverty and children. In only two years, such an official appeared in Russia.

Before that, everything was left to the priests. Honor and glory to those worshipers who acted honestly. But it was not for nothing that Sergius of Radonezh escaped from the monastery because of the corruption of his superiors.

And in forty-eight years, science fiction would become reality and a woman flew into space. At the same time, bourgeois states would ponder, is a woman human enough to give her voting rights?

Two years, friends, separated the shooting of demonstrators from the truly popular state. Who could have imagined that Lenin would be able to return from exile? Yes, there are prerequisites. Yes, we have to prepare. But what appeared to be centuries ahead of the Bolsheviks, turned out to be — just two years.

Capitalism had merged with feudalism. All the juices were squeezed out of the peasant for a penny. Poor people were not allowed into the “decent” cafes. But Lenin did not consider it too lowly to communicate with the people himself. In 1915, the tsar-father dispersed popular discontent and wrote about himself as “master of the Russian land.”

No, dear friend, do not put off a normal society for centuries. It’s a turning point in history. And only we can bring it closer. Through labor, belief in humanity, belief in progress. And finally, the belief that we are rational beings who will not allow the planet to collapse for the profit of the capitalists.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “Two years before: the feeling of 1915

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