Moscow activists condemn U.S. blockade of Cuba

By Lena Lozhkina

November 3: Today, comrades from Workers University recorded a new international review with A. V. Kharlamenko. The video was recorded at the offices of the city committee of the United Communist Party (OKP) of Russia. 

Yesterday, at the forum of the OKP, Ilya Znamensky appealed to his party comrades to protest against the blockade of Freedom Island. 

Therefore, it should not be surprising that representatives of Workers University, communists of the OKP and Komsomols of the Union of Communist Youth (SCM) participated in a “No blockade of Cuba!” flash mob. Although, we should not be surprised in any case: for several years, we have been working in unity and holding solidarity actions. 

The world is changing rapidly. There have been so many events in recent weeks that they could have been enough to fill a year. An analysis of these events is in the international review of Alexander Vladimirovich. But our respect for the heroic Cuban people remains unchanged. And our demand: “NO BLOCKADE OF CUBA!” 

Together we can achieve justice!

Together until victory! 

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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