Colombia: Commander Alfonso Cano remembered

Commander Alfonso Cano

‘We continue to keep moral high,
No one is frightened here’

Alfonso Cano, the last commander-in-chief of Marulanda’s Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) was killed on November 4, 2011, on orders from Juan Manuel Santos, following the directions of the U.S. government, after being wounded and captured.

Graphic: CSB Venezuela
In the alliance of traitors of peace, they set up the show so that only applause was heard in the Yari and Colon Theater. They applied all the power of intelligence and fire, and even with the pen they want to continue erasing from collective memory the reason for the struggle, their principles and their heroes.

Neither the genocide against the Patriotic Union, the Colombian Communist Party, and trade unions, nor the termination of combatants who have set down their weapons confident in the agreement, nor the massacre of guerrillas and commanders, nor the selective assassination of commanders of the people like Jorge Briceno, Caliche in the Cauca or Rogelio Benavides in Catatumbo… they attempt to take away from us the idea of ​​a new homeland, which can only be achieved through struggle. The people will know how to clear the weeds and move stealthily toward the objective …

Neither the murder of Che, nor Allende, nor Victor Jara, nor Carlos Pizarro, nor that of Raul Reyes or that of Alfonso Cano, and not even the judicial assemblies will silence our voice … as our beloved Mono Jojoy always said: “We were born to win, not to be defeated.” UNITED WE WILL WIN!

The struggle continues. Catatumbo and the militants of the ​​Magdalena Medio pay homage to the memory and example of our unforgettable commander Alfonso Cano. He will be our Bolivarian guide.

Danilo Garcia Command
FARC-EP, Second Marquetalia 

November 4, 2019
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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