Donbass residents say: Lift the criminal blockade of Cuba!

By Red Carnation antifascist community

Donetsk, DPR

In the coming days, the 74th session of the UN General Assembly will vote on lifting the U.S. economic, trade and financial blockade of Cuba, which has lasted for nearly six decades. 
Photo: Red Carnation
According to the Cuban National Institute of Economic Research, for the years 1962-2017, the damage from the embargo amounted to $130 billion. Behind these figures lies a shortage of food, clean water and medicines, which the Cuban people have been heroically struggling with for so many years. This terror of the imperialist countries is a response to the choice of Cubans who did not want to live under U.S. rule, but decided to follow the path of revolution.

Residents of Donbass are well aware of what the economic blockade is and what consequences it entails. We know that war is not just about bombs.

We express our solidarity with the people of Cuba and encourage them to confidently follow the path towards building a communist society. The criminal blockade of Cuba must be lifted!

Long live free Cuba!
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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