Assassination attempt on Boris Litvinov, Donetsk Communist Party leader

On July 19, another attempt was made to assassinate Boris Litvinov, one of the organizers of the Donetsk People’s Republic, chairman of the DPR Supreme Soviet in 2014, deputy of the DPR People’s Soviet in 2014-2016, and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DPR. This is reported by the correspondent of “Forward.”

Boris Litvinov
Photos: Forward

“In the morning I went out to my car in a secure parking lot near my house. Having examined the car externally, as always, I got into it, started it and began to slowly leave the parking lot.After driving 8-10 meters, I heard a strange sound under the car, like a flat tire. Stopping, I got out of the car and once again began to inspect the wheels. And then I noticed a 2-pound weight under the wheel. At first I had the idea to get the weight out from under the wheel and throw it aside. But from the weight a rope stretched under the car. After examining the direction of the rope, I found an explosive device under the driver’s seat consisting of two grenades attached to the bottom of the car. 

“The police who came after I called removed the explosive device and said that if the car had traveled a few more meters, there would have been an explosion of great force, ”said Boris Litvinov. 

Explosive device under Litvinov’s car.

To the “Forward” correspondent’s question of who could benefit from such an action, Boris Litvinov replied: “I exclude economic or business retaliation, since I do not have a business. I did not quarrel with anyone, I did not hurt anyone. The only reason, in my opinion, lies in the plane of political activity. 

“This is not the first attempt on both me and the Communist Party of the DPR. The Communists of the Republic uphold the position of strengthening the sovereignty of the DPR, the development of its political system, the expansion of the principles of people’s democracy, of leading the masses toward the idea of ​​the socialist path of development of the Republic. Fundamental to the DPR Communist Party is the question of an uncontested path of cooperation with the Russian Federation and the creation of a single union state, consisting of states that were formerly part of the USSR.

“Because of these principles and positions, the Communist Party has many enemies in Ukraine, and quite a few detractors inside the DPR. For our enemies and detractors, the main method of struggle is murder and terror. They do not want and cannot conduct civilized forms of defending their positions, that is, at the negotiating table.

“Attempts on political figures of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics like A. Zakharchenko, V. Bolotov, D. Pushilin, me and many others indicate that it is too early for us all to relax. It is necessary to strengthen the unity of all politicians, public organizations, and political parties which are ready to defend the ideas and principles of building a sovereign DNR and LPR, for which the overwhelming majority of Donbass residents voted in the referendum in the spring of 2014.”

Boris Litvinov appealed to the authorities with a statement about bringing the organizers of the assassination attempt to justice. The investigation is currently under way.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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