Moldova: Left Party demands urgent action to dismantle oligarch regime

Statement of the European Left Party of Moldova on the transition to a constructive opposition to the current government

The European Left Party considers the removal of Vlad Plahotniuc and the so-called Democratic Party of Moldova from power as an unconditional achievement of Moldovan civil society, all those who have struggled against the anti-people regime in recent years, were not afraid to protest, to expose crimes, to resist degradation, to resist the destruction of the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens who opposed the usurpation of power and the seizure of democratic institutions in the country.

At the same time, we believe that the processes of de-oligarchization and the release of state structures from the control of the mafia still remains reversible, and the return of the practices of the former Plahotniuc regime are a real threat to the democratic development of the country! 

We are seriously concerned about the processes taking place now in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the Presidential Administration, in other authorities, in particular, the preservation of the odious representatives of the Plahotniuc regime in key functions.

That is why we declare ourselves in opposition to the new government. We will seek the complete dismantling of the Plahotniuc regime and to bring all its key figures to justice. Under these conditions, we urge the new authorities not to lose a minute! All the authorities involved in usurpation must be arrested and punished! We urge the new parliamentary majority to recognize the Democratic Party of Moldova as a dictatorial organization and to outlaw it.

All members of the Democratic Party who hold leadership positions at the local and republican levels should be placed under lustration. In this regard, it is necessary to immediately adopt the relevant law. Punishment for the usurpation of power and the creation of an organized criminal group under the umbrella of the party should be inevitable!

We demand that the new government determine its program of action! Without a clear program, without priorities and clear, measurable tasks, the work of the government is like wandering with eyes closed. We will also push the new government to create the conditions for holding fair, free and democratic elections. In this regard, we urge not to delay the election of a new, independent composition of the Central Election Commission and the Coordination Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting.

We believe that the government in a democratic society should have an alternative and full-fledged, constructive opposition. But an organized criminal group cannot act as such an alternative, as is happening now.

The European Left Party, moving into constructive opposition, will propose alternative approaches for solving key tasks that stand in the way of de-oligarchization of the country. We will continue to pursue our program goals — building a social, democratic, environmentally friendly state for citizens in which the rule of law, the rights and freedoms of citizens will be paramount.

Chisinau, July 16, 2019


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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