Fifth anniversary of Ukraine coup: Borotba vows continued fight for liberation

Ukraine marks a grim date: Five years of the marauders’ putsch

By Borotba (Struggle)

Five years ago, the neoliberal putsch occurred in Ukraine.

The driving forces in it were the neo-Nazi groups and the short-sighted citizens intoxicated by the oligarchic propaganda of a “European paradise.” Afterward, all sensible people could see that this event turned out to be a great tragedy for the overwhelming number of citizens of Ukraine.

Activists of the Borotba Union consistently and convincingly expressed their position on the imaginary “European integration.” It was clear to us that such an agreement not only threatened, but also guaranteed, the loss of Ukraine’s industrial potential, inherited from the USSR; that it would cause the deterioration of agricultural productivity and impoverishment of villagers; and that it would lead to the establishment of a police state based on legalized Nazi populism. 

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko celebrates
5 years of oligarch-fascist dictatorship.
After five years of the dictatorship of the oligarchs, we see that even Forbes notes the growth of capital of absolutely all members of the ruling class. At the same time, even official state statistics speak of a fall in industrial production, the result of the predatory privatization of the remnants of Ukraine’s industrial and energy capacities.

According to publicly available date, we see that:

1) The national currency, the hryvnia, has fallen by more than 3 times against the dollar;

2) Wage levels have barely grown, and even the most radical part of the Euromaidan from among the Nazis acknowledges the fact that the welfare of citizens has fallen by 3 times;

3) Tariffs for utility services — heating, water, electricity – rise every 3-4 months. Compared to 2013, the current tariffs have increased by 4 times.

A separate point worth mentioning is the IMF’s policy toward modern Ukraine. All its lending over the past period imposed a heavy burden on the shoulders of the working class and was constantly accompanied by the demand for raising prices for gas and electricity and cutting social benefits. One of the glaring factors of the ongoing colonization is the permanent requirement by the International Monetary Fund legalizing the sale of Ukrainian agricultural land. In essence, this is a direct expansion of Western capital onto our lands.

There is absolute failure in all areas of reform: medical, educational, law enforcement. Everywhere there is a deterioration and infringement of citizens’ rights.

The current political regime is building a “new political nation” by falsifying history. There is an open cultivation of supporters of Nazi collaborators, government policy is based on chauvinism, and there is rigid political censorship against even moderate alternative viewpoints on current events and the future of Ukraine.

The ruling class openly, without any regard for the legal framework, including the criminal code of Ukraine, cracks down on political opponents by the hands of Nazi gangs elevated to official status, and actually integrated into the state structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU). Constant attacks on journalists, people of leftist and pro-Russian views, have already become ordinary news.

War criminal Poroshenko is constantly heating up the divisions among the people based on political, religious, linguistic, ethnic and class characteristics. For him, war is the only way to hold onto power, because militaristic populism distracts people from real social problems.

Unfortunately, the world community closes its eyes to the facts of the constant, flagrant dehumanization of society, the killing of innocent people and the very real manifestations of Nazism.

At the moment, our organization Borotba is prohibited in Ukraine and we cannot conduct public political activities. Even Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, in a live broadcast on national TV, called our organization “terrorist.” Our activists are forced to be underground, to observe and to act with full awareness that an open civil war is going on in the country with the support of the Western imperialists.

We know the mood of Ukrainian society and we understand that this political regime of marauders and war criminals is maintained only by external support.

We will never be reconciled with this arranged fate for the peoples of Ukraine and we will fight for liberation, as long as we have strength – by any means necessary!

Ukraine will be free! It will be socialist!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “Fifth anniversary of Ukraine coup: Borotba vows continued fight for liberation

  1. Even though the brave struggle of the anti-fascists in Donbas has disappeared from the corporate, and even alternative (including, sadly, RT) media, not a day goes by in which I don't think about the people of the DPR & LPR. Congratulations on 5 years of successful struggle to be followed by many more.


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