Borotba on Ukraine’s upcoming ‘elections without choice’

January 23: Since the coup d’état and beginning of the civil war, a complicated political situation has developed in Ukraine. Today, there is not a single presidential candidate who advocates for an alternative point of view on the future socio-political and economic development of Ukraine, or for the peaceful resolution of internal and external conflicts, while respecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens.

There can be no free will according to the rules of the nationalist dictatorship, henchmen of external forces.

Photo: Borotba

For a large part of the population, for example, Russian-speaking citizens and left-wing parties, it has been impossible to nominate a candidate who is untainted by cooperation with the current bloody marauders.
Under these conditions, Borotba (Struggle) declares a categorical rejection of the next electoral farce imposed on the Ukrainian people by the illegitimate Kiev regime [the presidential elections scheduled for March 31, 2019].

Mass political repression against dissidents, war crimes against their own people, unparalleled enslavement and subjugation of broad sections of working people — this is the result of the rule of the current government. So what reason do sensible people have to believe that they will be given a “democratic choice”?

Recognition of the legitimacy and participation in the electoral process is a betrayal. Only resistance, only systematic work to dismantle the criminal regime, makes sense for us.

We will never forgive the oligarchs who unleashed the war; we despise their Nazi dogs, who carry out the evil will of the fat cats. We do not accept the “kitchen” logic of the naive, who see “oppositionists” in those who have been quietly working for the past five years according to the rules of the governing clique of war criminals and state terrorists.

As long as the Kiev regime of usurpers and executioners is not deposed, and the villainous clique of Poroshenko and his minions does not receive a well-deserved punishment, we will not accept any elections or other attempts to legitimize the “Maidan regime.”

The only real choice for the Ukrainian people is a victory over the oligarchic and neo-Nazi power in Ukraine!

We urge everyone who hates this power to unite with their friends and loved ones, with like-minded people!

We encourage the establishment of communication and coordination with other people who want to dismantle this system!

We urge you to join the already existing resistance of the Nazi, oligarchic pack!

We have no other way but to fight and resist!

The real revolution is ahead!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

8 thoughts on “Borotba on Ukraine’s upcoming ‘elections without choice’

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