Anticapitalism-2018 march in Moscow: ’50 lions are better than 500 sheep’

Red even without red flags

By United Communist Party (OKP)

September 23: Last year’s Anticapitalism March in Moscow will be remembered for being dispersed by the police. This happened during the centennial of the October Revolution, against the backdrop of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students. Then about 50 people were arrested, despite the fact that Antikap had received a permit from city authorities.

This year was also not without surprises.

The procession from the “Oktyabrskoe Pole” Metro station was supposed to start at 14.00, however the Moscow authorities prohibited carrying any flags, banners and signs.

This command, announced by the police, produced the opposite effect. 

Photos: OKP
It was like throwing a candle in a store of gunpowder, when one spark is enough. It’s one thing when the left marches slowly and chants different slogans, corresponding to plan and in their separate columns. And quite another thing, when the left marches together as one with a single will.

Despite the small number of participants in the action, it produced the feeling that, after all, 50 lions are better than 500 sheep.

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‘Those who decided to march did not regret their decision’

By Union of Communist Youth (CKM)
In Moscow, the Anticapitalism-2018 March took place, and as always it had the most radical slogans against the current system in the world, and in our country in particular.
And at the beginning, all gathered in one place, according to tradition … 

Photo: New Communist Movement
Contrary to the law, the police forbid people to march with flags and banners, explaining their actions by some new “regulations” about processions. Many therefore did not take part in the first part of the event, and went straight to the rally, and some even went home.

Well, those who decided to march without flags did not regret their decision. They walked briskly along the streets of the city, shouting things which are usually not allowed in the center of Moscow. In general, the participants got a good reception.

After the rally began, representatives of all the organizations that attended were present and touched upon all the relevant problems, such as pension reform, VAT increase and, of course, corruption. There was also a bit of poetry and rock music.

Somehow the Antikap went forward this year. 

Once again we went out and reminded the world that capitalism is shit!

#Марш #Антикапитализм #23_сентября

Translated by Greg Butterfield

Video: Talk by representative of the New Communist Movement

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