Victor Anpilov, 1945-2018: Communist who led resistance to counter-revolution

Farewell, Victor Ivanovich!

The long-time chairman of the Executive Committee of the Labor Russia movement, the communist Victor Ivanovich Anpilov, passed away. And together with him, a whole epoch in the political life of our country and the whole USSR has passed. 

Victor Anpilov

We must not forget how, after the counter-revolutionary coup of 1991, at the call of Anpilov, tens if not hundreds of thousands of people, went out to protest against the policy of the criminal bourgeoisie that had come to power. The mass character of these actions is unrivaled by today’s. Anpilov was first among those people who saved the honor and dignity of the communist movement.

The main political and moral principle of Anpilov was the principle of reliance on the masses, on ordinary people, on the great host of the humiliated and insulted. Those who did not integrate into the new market realities, who did not betray or throw out the banner of socialism. With them, Anpilov checked all his actions. And he viewed with great suspicion, with wariness, the old CPSU bureaucracy, which tried to saddle the left movement and lead it to a compromise. As further events showed, his vigilance proved to be justified.

Born in 1945, Anpilov always stressed that he was the same age as the Great Victory. After going through beatings, prison, ostracism by corrupt media, Victor Anpilov until the end of his days believed in a new victory of socialism. He was tempered in the struggle for it. Today we continue this struggle.

Victor Ivanovich Anpilov will remain forever in the history of our movement as an outstanding proletarian tribune, an indomitable communist.

His memory shines bright!

Comrades of the United Communist Party (OKP)



By Maria Donchenko

Today Victor Ivanovich Anpilov left us. My first party leader. A person thanks to whom I learned much about politics, whose name for me is associated with the most intense periods (as well as the most eventful times of the modern history of our movement). A person bright and extraordinary, and complex, like all extraordinary people. 

Our relationship was not always simple, but I want to say the main thing — he was the one who raised the banner in the fall of 1991, the day after the CPSU ban, when everyone was hiding in corners, he came out and raised the banner. History demanded that such a person appear, and Victor Ivanovich became that person. And it was he whom the mass loved, the mass movement of the 1990s, like it or not.

I was not acquainted with Anpilov in those legendary times of 1992-1993, when he brought half a million into the streets of Moscow, of which our people will long write, and which the democrats now prefer not to remember. I knew him from the late 1990s, when it was gone, but there was a still basement on Proletarka, a newspaper called Molniya, and a dark cherry Gazelle [automobile], and much more.

I want to say that Victor Ivanovich always remained a fighter. And he left like a fighter.

Rest in peace.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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