Russia presidential election: Supporters of workers’ candidate must gather 100K signatures

Collection of signatures begins for Natalia Lisitsyna, candidate for president of the Russian Federation

January 7: The Central Election Commission (CEC) has authorized the opening of a special electoral account for the candidate for the presidency of the Russian Federation, nominated by the political party ROT Front, Natalia Lisitsyna. 

Natalia Lisitsyna speaks at a rally.
This means that comrades are launching a mechanism to print the signature sheets and begin collecting signatures in support of Lisitsyna’s nomination. It is necessary to collect more than 100,000 signatures by the end of January — a very short time.

The United Communist Party and ROT Front appeal to everyone who is willing to help — with their signature, or to gather signatures of family and friends — with a request to contact:
rkrp-ck @


Collect signatures for workers’ candidate

Dear comrades!

As you know, the ROT Front party nominated for the presidential election in 2018 a workers’ candidate — Natalia Lisitsyna, crane operator from the Kirov plant (Leningrad). This is not done to try to win a farce called the “presidential elections.” Our working-class candidate is a challenge to the entire political system, including the struggle against the institution of the presidency. 

Natalia Lisitsyna (right) at her workplace.

Officials of all stripes already took up arms against an ordinary woman who dared to launch an election campaign. They put spokes in the wheels and are trying to hamper the start of our election campaign as much as possible.

Despite everything, the work has begun. By the end of January, we need to collect 100,000 signatures. You can give all possible support to the workers’ candidate by signing. To do this, you need to contact the collection point for signatures in your area.

It is also possible to financially help the agitational campaign which we are starting. To do this, you can transfer funds to a special election account for NS Lisitsyna — 40810810338009416382 in PJSC Sberbank.

Watch for election news!

Full list of regional collection centers and contacts is available here


Candidate biography

Natalia Sergeevna Lisitsyna was born on July 20, 1952, in the village of Khapcheranga, Kyynsky district, Chita region.

In 1992, she graduated from the MI Kalinin Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (now called the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University).

From 1978-2013 she worked at the Elektrosila plant in Leningrad (since 1991 – St. Petersburg). Initially, Natalya Lisitsyna was a crane operator, then a test engineer. After layoffs at the plant in 1998, she was again employed as crane operator. In 2010, she headed the organization of the “Protection” trade union at the “Electrosila” plant, and was fired as a result of a conflict with the company’s management.

Since the 2000, a member of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party, since 2010 of the political party Russian United Labor Front.

Since mid-2010 she has worked as a bridge crane operator at the open-hearth furnace shop of the Petrostal metallurgical plant (a subsidiary of JSC “Kirovsky Zavod”).

Nominated to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, VI Convocation, on the ROT Front list). The party did not advance to the regional parliament.

#Лисицына2018 #выборы #коммунисты

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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