Petrenko seeks asylum in Germany: ‘Democratic methods of struggle exhausted’ in Moldova

September 14: Grigory Petrenko, former deputy of the Moldovan parliament, leader of the party Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc), has left the country and asked for political asylum in Germany. In an article written specifically for, he explained the reasons for his decision: 

“I’m leaving the country I love very much, and never intended to leave. Those who know me will probably be surprised by this decision. And there will be many critics and sarcastic ‘well-wishers.’ But I have absolutely no desire to justify or prove anything.

“I’m not accustomed to being silent and sitting idly by while watching the disgraceful developments in our country, slipping towards dictatorship, continued impoverishment and degradation. That’s why in recent years we have been in irreconcilable and tough, even radical, opposition to the current regime, to [oligarch Vlad] Plahotniuc and his power structure, which has long been no different from an organized criminal group.

“We fought with all legal methods and were not afraid of the consequences. We protested, exposed the crimes of this regime, tried to reach out to citizens and awaken civil consciousness in them. We broke through the information blockade, called things by their right names, both in the country and in international venues. We were not afraid to defy this criminal regime and to take action.

“That’s why they tried to bribe, intimidate, and persecute our relatives and loved ones.

“That’s why we were expelled from the Party of Communists, and then, a few days before the elections, were removed from the electoral race and not allowed into the parliament.

“That’s why all our attempts to seek justice in the courts have always been obstructed by Plahotniuc’s puppets.

“That’s why our protests were banned through the courts, dispersed, and participants frightened by hounding. That’s why we were arrested, kept in prison, put under house arrest, subjected to humiliating electronic bracelets, and our lawyers persecuted.

“That’s why the court prohibited us from participating in protests, from leaving the country, and we were sentenced to long terms, which could be enacted at any time.

“I am deeply convinced that in today’s conditions democratic methods of political struggle in Moldova are practically impossible, they are simply exhausted. We tried everything! I do not want to imitate a political struggle, playing according to the rules of the regime and begging for crumbs from the authorities.

“I cannot sit and do nothing! Here, outside of Moldova, I am sure that I have more opportunities to contribute to the overthrow of the criminal anti-popular regime of Plahotniuc than by being a hostage at home with my hands tied.

“Today, I would compare the Plahotniuc with a worm which has already eaten the whole apple from the inside. And this rotten apple is going to fall sooner or later.

“That’s why this worm is so afraid of any breeze. He needs stability and calm, so that this imperious fruit hangs, decaying, as long as possible. But in fact the tree needs a powerful shake and serious treatment to immunize it from all kinds of parasites.

“I very much hope that all the real opposition forces in Moldova, whoever they are, will be able to bring this about as soon as possible.

“And again, I’m not going to say good-bye to anyone, because I will not disappear or stop fighting!

“Thank you all in advance for your support,” wrote the ex-deputy.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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