STOP NAZISM: Condemn police attack on Hungarian Workers’ Party leader

Statement of Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) in support of the leader of the Hungarian Workers’ Party, Attila Vajnai

The party Our Home is Moldova is deeply concerned and strongly condemns the outrageous police lawlessness that occurred in Budapest.

Attila Vajnai
On September 10, the leader of the Hungarian Workers’ Party, Attila Vajnai, was detained by the police, which he himself had summoned when he saw neo-Nazis selling photos of Adolf Hitler in Klauzál Square in the former Jewish quarter of Budapest. The police, however, did nothing. Moreover, Vajnay himself was detained by force after he tried to write “STOP NAZISM” on the sidewalk. As a result of his harsh arrest, the leader of the Hungarian Workers’ Party required medical attention.

We are outraged by the actions of the police, who acted as a repressive truncheon against those who fight the banned symbols of Nazism, and demand that the Hungarian authorities hold accountable those who unlawfully detained and used force against the opposition party leader. 

We express our solidarity with the Hungarian Workers’ Party and with its leader Attila Vajnai and express our unconditional support for their struggle against any manifestations of hateful ideologies.

Chisinau, September 13, 2017

Video of arrest


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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