Italian activists launch European aid convoy to Donbass

Guest post by Coordinamento Ucraina Antifascista

November 5: We went to Donbass and we visited the shelled schools, we gathered books under the ruins, walked among the houses destroyed by grads. We spoke to common people, with institutions, with teachers, with those employed in nursing homes and school canteens. We made a commitment: bring the solidarity of European people to the people of Donbass, who resist the war that our NATO governments brought there.

This morning, thanks to the tireless work of Italian comrades and committees, who in recent months have collected humanitarian aid, the first convoy left for its first stop, Slovakia, to fill a truck, which will arrive in Donbass after crossing all over Europe. We ask all anti-fascists to support us, to carry forward international solidarity to a people who are resisting, to put aside unnecessary divisions and unite behind the simple slogan: ¡No pasarán!
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