Moscow Red March braves icy rain to mark 99 years of Bolshevik Revolution

Moscow, November 7: The Red March of left-wing organizations in the capital, organized with the active participation of the United Communist Party (OKP), was held amidst freezing rain and puddles of icy slush.

Activists of the OKP, Rot Front, Communists of Russia (the KPRF did not participate), as well as the “Other Russia” movement and a number of opposition social organizations, began to assemble at 19.00. The rain and slush grew, flags fluttered in the cold wind. About 600 people gathered, and the columns marched happily – it was too cold to stand still and silent!

Like the revolutionary sailors on the same day in 1917, the columns marched against icy rain drops as under a hail of bullets, and repeated the slogans of October: “All power to the Soviets!”, “Down with the capitalist ministers!”…

We need a second socialist revolution, Russia will not survive unless it is freed from the ruling class and its economic crisis. This idea was emphasized by many speakers, who gave abbreviated remarks due to the brutal weather, at a rally at the monument to the heroes of the 1905 Revolution. 

The United Communist Party was represented by OKP First Secretary V. Lakeev, member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the OKP D. Mitin, and Secretary of the Central Committee of the OKP and rally organizer D. Sommer.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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