Ghost Brigade: Celebrating two years of Volunteer Communist Battalion

By Alexey Markov (Dobri)

November 7, 2016

The holiday!

Congratulations to all comrades on the 99th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution! On that day 99 years ago, for the first time in the history of humanity, the insurgent people were not only able to take power into their own hands, but also hold it by building the world’s first workers’ state. The energy released by the people in October helped us defeat the worst enemy of all humanity and opened the way into space. And no matter how today’s media and the hangers-on of power try to belittle the importance of those historic days, the people will always remember the great achievements of the Soviet state.

Our ancestors did it then — hopefully our children will be able to tomorrow!


And once again – the holiday!

It just so happened that today we celebrated not only the 99th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, but also the second anniversary of the combat activities of the Volunteer Communist Battalion of the Ghost Brigade (Prizrak). Today in the village of Donetsk, a solemn ceremony was held to mark the occasion, awarding distinguished fighters of the battalion with official commendations from the commanders, and five of the best scouts received “Excellent Scout” patches. Below is a small selection of photos from the event.

The battalion: 

Kent and Bout with their vehicle in the background (not a BMW): 

Petro, Riga and Cedar: 

The alchemists arrange to demonstrate their “product”: 


How much are these green “lemons”? 

In the hands of Marika — the most effective weapon in the struggle for the hearts of the local people: 

But the most experienced came to the celebration with “her”: 

The future of change!

Russian-Finnish-Tatar-Mongol-Judeo-Buryat Moskal robs woman of her child with the words: “This is the third month our cured hedgehogs have not been delivered — we’ve nothing to eat!”

I selected the same one that evening – to eat.
A few more examples on the theme of the “savage face of Russian imperialism”: 

A final group picture for the commanders’ memory: 

Well, for those who have managed to stick with this post until the end (yes, I’m crafty!), now for the official news: On October 31, Arkadich was appointed First Deputy (“local” commander) of the 4th Brigade of the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic, and I — commander of the 14th Separate Mechanized Battalion “Ghost” [Prizrak – Ghost Brigade]. Don’t congratulate us, but rather sympathize – there used to be a lot of work, and now we have to unlearn to sleep and eat. But we are used to it …


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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