Lugansk Communists reject expulsions, focus on building future of Donbass & Ukraine

Statement of Lugansk City Committee on “exceptions” from the ranks of the Communist Party of District Secretaries Belovodsk, Markov and Novopskovskogo

On August 18, 2016, on the website of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, a message appeared on behalf of the “Press Service of the Lugansk Regional Committee,” which refers to the dismissal and expulsion from the party of our comrades Belovodsk (Fedorov SV) Markov (Danilchenko NT) and Novopskovskogo (Rozhkov AA) — first secretaries of district committees.

We declare that the Lugansk City Committee of the Party has nothing to do with the decisions of the so-called “Bureau.”

Lugansk Communists march on Victory Day, May 9, 2016.
Photo: Greg Butterfield
We do not accept the dissolution of the previous Regional Committee and do not obey the Bureau illegally appointed by Petro Simonenko. Moreover, the Communists do not accept SG Dyakov, who was removed five years ago for theft of party property, as first secretary of the Regional Committee.

We consider the Bureau headed by SG Dyakov to be illegitimate, and the decisions that this Bureau issues, it can hang on its own wall. The Communists of the Lugansk City Committee of the Communist Party considered and will consider comrades Danilchenko, Rozhkov and Fedorov as party members. Only legitimate conference plenary sessions or the relevant district committees can remove them from office.

We are not surprised by these actions of Dyakov — we know that Simonenko is behind it. Since 2014, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party has headed the destruction of any party organizations which dared to make a criticism of the Central Committee and Simonenko. Thus, the repression of the Communists first hit the Donetsk Regional Committee, then Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye. Undeterred by the war crisis in Donbass, the Central Committee, rather than turn against the real enemies of the working people, has directed all its efforts to crackdown on the Communists.

However, the Lugansk regional organization survived, and it preserved the unity of the party committees. Together, we went through many trials – for many years we have fought shoulder to shoulder for the rights of the working people of the Lugansk region, fought in election campaigns, suffered defeats and shared the taste of victory. Together we survived the war and living through a time of fragile peace, arrests and persecution. And even divided by the front line, we continue to be one. 

Lugansk Communists march on Victory Day, May 9, 2016.
Photo: Greg Butterfield
We know that time will put everything in its place — the truth is on our side, and, consequently, the future will be ours. We are able to work, we know how to fight and win. And if someone thinks that fake pieces of paper with the word “excluded” can stop us — he is mistaken. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and all our thoughts are focused on the upcoming efforts. If Simonenko wants to fight with the Communists — that’s his choice, his goal. Our goal is to help our fellow countrymen, preserve the party structures and do everything to make sure that leftist ideas gain new life in Donbass and throughout Ukraine.

The Lugansk City Committee of the Communist Party expresses support for comrades Danilchenko, Rozhkov and Fedorov, as well as all the regional organizations of the Communist Party.

First Secretary of the Lugansk City Committee of the Communist Party

August 24, 2016

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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