‘Each of us is an organizer of resistance’: Ana Ursachi on #NuMăTem protest in Moldova

August 26: The protest campaign #NuMăTem (I’m not afraid) is a personal manifesto of every loyal citizen dispossessed by the regime headed by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. On August 27 at the Grand National Assembly Square, every citizen can come and express their anger, “every single person is the organizer of his joining the action in central Chisinau.” This was stated by prominent lawyer Ana Ursachi, initiator of the campaign #NuMăTem in social networks.

People’s attorney Ana Ursachi

The attorney noted that “the action is organized by representatives of civil society,” and “the government wants to discredit it, because it understands its popular character.”

“The organizer of the resistance to the callous regime, which holds parades and concerts with public money in times of great, great poverty in this country, is each one of us. And the responsibility for that poverty lies entirely with those who will sit on the stage tomorrow and receive honors,” said Ana Ursachi.

According to her, “the organizer of this resistance is every person who comes on her own feet and by her own will, personally carrying a flag, a flower, a balloon. Anyone wishing to come to the area of the Grand National Assembly can do so, because tomorrow the Republic of Moldova celebrates 25 years of independence — a sad date, the outcome of which is frustration from long years of cheating, but it’s still a holiday. But only a sad holiday.”

The lawyer said that, unfortunately, people will come to the “celebration of the 25th anniversary of the declaration of independence united by poverty, exorbitant tariffs, the destructive policy of the authorities, and corruption, not out of a sense of patriotism.”

Ursachi added that the government will attempt to keep disgruntled people away from the leaders, so as “not to jeopardize the parade and not to be shamed in front of foreign guests.”

At the same time, according to the lawyer, “the security service of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, the person behind the Democratic Party, because of fear of popular protests, has created a headquarters against the protest campaign #NuMăTem, initiated by civil society, and is even preparing arrests and fines against supporters of the campaign.”

Recall that this Saturday, August 27, marks the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Moldova [after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991]. On this occasion, in the midst of an economic, financial and political crisis, the regime decided to organize a grand celebration with a military parade and a number of costly events.

At the same time, many citizens have reported on social networks that they will celebrate the anniversary of our state in another way – by going to anti-government protests on Saturday, August 27, on the Grand National Assembly Square to tell the authorities #NuMăTem (I’m not afraid).

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Attorney: Plahotniuc regime created a headquarters against #NuMăTem protest

The security service of Vladimir Plahotniuc, the person behind the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), created a headquarters against the protest campaign #NuMăTem, initiated by civil society. This was stated on Friday, August 26, by attorney Ana Ursachi, the initiator of the #NuMăTem campaign in social networks.

“They have a list of people they will focus on. We’ve learned this from informed sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, because not all of them are loyal to the authorities. They told us that on the sidelines of ‘Global Centru’ or ‘Nobil’, where [Interior Minister Alexander] Zhizdan meets Plahotniuc (let him tell you where), an anti-#NuMăTem headquarters was established. It was organized by members of the PDM, people in Plahotniuc’s entourage, and the so-called security service of Plahotniuc,” said Ana Ursachi at a press conference on Friday, August 26.

According to her, “They implied that they have a list, and they will engage in arrests, fines and other forms of repression.”

“I know from reliable sources in the Interior Ministry that they are afraid that the Internet-initiated event will take on a large scale in the area of ​​the Grand National Assembly Square, given the presence of recognizable people opposed to the regime, people known for their civil and political beliefs by citizens — patriots. Based on information from the Interior Ministry, we know that they will resort to arrests at any cost, even tonight, to prevent these people from reaching the square. I don’t know how they do it, when the entire nation of people makes them nervous. They will have to arrest a lot of people,” added Ursachi.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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