Military psychosis: Poroshenko prepares Ukraine for a big massacre in Donbass

By Ilya Murom

July 28: President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the events in the territory of Donbass an “alien invasion.” He stated this during the festivities devoted to the Day of the Baptism of Kievan Rus. The correspondent of the Federal News Agency talked to an expert, who expressed the view that the Ukrainian leadership is trying to intensify pro-war sentiment in the country.

U.S.-backed Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (center) beats the drums of war.
According to Poroshenko, Russia allegedly went to war against Ukraine two years ago. In addition, the Ukrainian president called the civil war in Donbass an “alien invasion.” He noted that it is easy to find an analogue of this phrase in the Slavonic Church.

According to Poroshenko, despite the support for Ukraine in the international arena, winning “depends only on us.” He emphasized that the unity of the Ukrainian people is a spiritual weapon of victory.

In an interview with FNA, the head of political research for the Institute of Innovative Development of the post-Soviet space, Alexey Albu, said that by analyzing the statements made ​​by various Ukrainian politicians in the upper echelons of power, it can be concluded that society is being prepared for a great slaughter. And the statements by the head of state only reinforce this conclusion.

“In Ukraine, the militaristic psychosis is amplified more and more every day. Instead of calling for a peaceful settlement of the military conflict in the east of the country, we hear statements not only about alien invasion, but also that the Rostov region, Kuban and other regions of Russia should be Ukrainian. Many experts say that the state ideology in Ukraine today is reduced to the destruction of the People’s Republics [Donetsk and Lugansk], the return of Crimea, and receiving multi-billion-dollar compensation from Russia for damage caused in the years 2014-2016. It is very sad that these ideas resonate in the hearts of many thousands of Ukrainians, and if the masses don’t take countermeasures, at some point it may be too late,” said the analyst.

According to the expert, events in Ukraine cannot be viewed in isolation from the processes taking place in the world. Politics is the concentrated expression of economics, and therefore, for an understanding of political processes, it is necessary to understand their economic roots.

“If you try to explain simply, then today’s world economy is based on consumption. There is demand, there is consumption — hence, production continues. But when the markets are oversaturated and demand decreases, production falls. Accordingly, profits are falling. Thus, to continue living, the existing economic system needs new markets. This doesn’t only mean that the American market needs Europe or the Russian market needs Ukraine, but that Russia needs the U.S., India and so on. Thus, at a time when the markets are declining, states are beginning a fierce competition for survival that leads to wars. Therefore, on the basis of global economic processes, the possibility that overseas owners will pit Ukraine against Russia is very high.

“This world system is unsustainable, and the result will be either a series of wars for the redivision of world markets, or a leap to a completely different economic model which will not be based on the demand for profit, but on other principles — meeting the needs of the people,” said Albu.

According to the expert, Ukraine has always been a part of a common economic system with Russia, whether Tsarist Russia or the Soviet Union. But since 1991, economic ties within the common system began to burst.

“Returning to the situation developing since 2013 in Ukraine, when former President Yanukovych began veering from side to side, from the Customs Union to Europe and vice versa, we see only a continuation of the destruction of what was once a common economic system. The beneficiaries of this process are well known. And it is not just Poroshenko and his ilk among the upper class, but those far from the Ukraine. For these people the weakening or, better yet, the destruction of the Russian economic system is very beneficial, even at the expense of war ‘inside itself.’

“Ukrainian society has been prepared for this role for a long time. A new generation was already brought up on the ideas of Russophobia and nationalism. Today this society is being carefully fine-tuned against Russia, accusing it of all economic ills.

“Today, it is imperative to take countermeasures — to explain through the media the true causes of the collapse of the Ukrainian economy and the deterioration of social conditions. Ukrainians should see that the cause of all ills is not in Russia, but in the loss of sovereignty, corruption and wrong economic policies,” summed up Alexey Albu.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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