Lugansk Komsomol prepares for International Youth Festival in Sochi

July 27: Representatives of the Lugansk Komsomol and the preparatory committee for the World Festival of Youth and Students discussed the participation of the delegation of the Lugansk People’s Republic in the festival.
This was reported by the leader of the Young Communists of Lugansk, Anna Brekhova.

Darya Mitina and Anna Brekhova
According to her, at a meeting in Moscow with Darya Mitina, member of the Russian National Preparatory Committee for the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, which will be held in 2017 in Sochi, she raised the issue of participation in the festival by the delegation of the LPR.
“We are waiting for a positive decision. Our representatives have traditionally participated in all previous festivals of World Federation of Democratic Youth, and now we look forward to the committee’s decision on 2017,” commented Brekhova after the meeting.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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