Clinton, Trump and the demonization of Russia

By Greg Butterfield

July 25: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have launched a new attack on Russia, charging President Putin with being responsible for the damaging email leaks from the Democratic National Committee in order to aid Donald Trump’s election campaign. This is likely to dominate the airwaves during this week of the Democratic National Convention and beyond.

Besides attempting to divert attention from the Democratic officialdom’s treatment of Bernie Sanders, the charges are aimed at furthering the imperialist campaign to demonize Russia and popularize aggressive NATO expansion in eastern Europe (a bipartisan policy pursued by both Democrats and Republicans for more than two decades).

I have already seen Demo-bots on social media claiming that anti-war protests against Clinton are nothing but propaganda from Putin. As if we haven’t been protesting her war criminal role for years!

Photo: Greg Butterfield

We should also be prepared that Putin may make further overtures to Trump. Russia is under the gun and, of course, has the right to try to exploit divisions within the imperialist camp for its own self-defense. However, we do not take our political cues from the Russian capitalist class.

There is no reason to think that Trump’s isolationist election rhetoric (only sometimes, in regard to some countries) would have any impact on the actual course of U.S. imperialism under a Trump presidency.

Nor should we forget that Trump’s appeal to the most revanchist, divisive tendencies in U.S. society is aimed at further dividing the working class, and actually increases the likelihood of war.

Revolutionaries must hold fast to a class understanding of imperialism and fight against both parties of war, racism and exploitation, while defending countries that are under attack by Wall Street and the Pentagon.

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