Donbass: Internationalist unit reorganizes to meet new challenges

Statement No. 6: Reorganization of InterUnit

For a long time, the war in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has been low-intensity. There are not big battles, but only small and infrequent clashes. Since the situation has completely changed in these recent months, InterUnit has decided to reorganize its actions to better face the new scenario.

The main military task of the LPR army now is to defend the border with Ukraine. That is possible through a network of checkpoints all along the border, where thousands of soldiers stand guard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s static but necessary work.

InterUnit is not managing one checkpoint, but is split between different positions (with frequent rotation). That’s because intelligence discovered that the Ukrainian fascists want to kill us or take us prisoner. For the Ukrainians, this is a big goal of their media war. This exposes the internationalists to a huge risk: if the enemy’s attacks are focused on a single checkpoint, it would be impossible to resist. But if we are split among different positions, the situation is different.

This division of forces also has some other advantages. We can stay in closer contact with our local comrades, get to know them better, and improve our Russian language skills. Comrades that would like to stay in Novorossiya permanently have more chance to integrate fully into the LPR army. The biggest advantage is that InterUnit members can diversify their own skills and get specialized training; that makes us more effective.

InterUnit meets weekly to carry out its own duties and have common training (also sharing the skills that members gain in their positions).

Though it has not yet been officially communicated, for the last four months Nemo has been the Commander of InterUnit and Salvator has been the Political Commissar. Following this reorganization, they will be officially sworn in to these roles.

LPR northwest front
June 25, 2016

Translation by InterUnit
Edited by Greg Butterfield

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