Lugansk Communists: Appeal to all left forces to protest NATO summit in Warsaw

June 16: On July 8-9, 2016, Poland will host the 27th NATO summit, during which the heads of government of the member countries of the alliance will discuss the likely expansion of the organization to the East, the prospects for missile defense and the deployment of multinational battalions in Poland and the Baltic countries, and deepening military co-operation with partner countries.

In the context of an extremely tense political, military, economic and humanitarian situation in eastern Europe, which involves virtually the entire continent, the summit’s agenda reflects the interests of only one country — the United States, whose aggressive plans imply a further destabilization of peace in the Old World.

Many experts agree that, today, the confrontation between the United States and Russia has reached a peak not seen since the Cold War. Through the efforts of U.S. politicians, Europe was dragged into a large-scale clash of geopolitical interests and became a platform for them.

The extremely tense relations between the U.S. and Russia continue to worsen because of Washington-dictated alliance policy. And the forthcoming decision of the Warsaw Summit of NATO is another step toward the escalation of the conflict. Accommodation of the multinational NATO battalions in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the alliance using the national armed forces of Finland, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Georgia, the establishment of the Romanian Brigade in charge of the “Southeast” division to ensure the presence of NATO forces in the Black Sea region – all of this is yet another attempt by the U.S. to use Europe as a shield in its international games. As a result, all the spoils will go to Washington, and all the consequences will fall on the heads of the Europeans, whose house the United States has converted into a military training ground.

To implement its plans, the United States actively uses European politicians who are short-sighted and frankly not interested in defending the national interests of their countries. Instead of realistically assessing all the prospects and benefits, these politicians continue to drag their countries into a foreign geopolitical conflict, ignoring European public opinion and the massive anti-war demonstrations against NATO.

We, the Lugansk Communists, strongly condemn the actions of collaborationist public officials of the European countries, carried out against the interests of their own citizens, and for the sake of the Washington “war party.”

We believe that the real interest of the European peoples lies exclusively in the field of translational motion to relieve contradictions, smooth out sharp edges and establish normal international dialogue.

In view of this, we call on all leftist forces in Europe to meet the Warsaw summit with a wave of mass protests. Together, we can express our strong disagreement with the passive role assigned to the states of the whole European continent. The policies of each member country of the alliance must defend the interests of their citizens, rather than leaving their fate in the hands of U.S. generals.

We appeal to everyone who associates the future of Europe with peace and good neighborly relations: it is necessary to force the government of each European state to hear its citizens. Our voices must be heard!

Maxim Chalenko
Head of Lugansk Communists,
Coordinator of the International Forum “Anti-fascism, Internationalism, Solidarity” (AIS Forum)


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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