Petrenko: Oligarch confessed to usurpation of power in Moldova

May 25: The leader of Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) Grigory Petrenko commented on a statement by Vladimir Plahotniuc at an economic forum organized by the oligarch’s organization. We publish Grigory Petrenko’s comment, “Stabilizets Plahotniuc,” which he posted on Facebook:

Grigory Petrenko

Speaking at today’s so-called economic forum, Plahotniuc actually confessed to the usurpation of power in the state. His statement, that he took upon himself a personal pledge for the reform of state institutions to ensure the stability of the country – what is that, if not a confirmation of his sole power and usurpation?

Hello, Plahotniuc! Moldova is actually a republic, not a Sultanate. Who empowered you to take personal responsibility for the destiny of the country, for the functioning of state institutions and reform? Certainly not the people.

This megalomania is already similar to paranoia! Plahotniuc today gave the keynote speech to his servants in the hall as a de facto dictator. “I’m the boss here, I’m your godfather, and I will be for a long time” – that was the main thrust of his speech. 

The General Prosecutor’s Office is asleep, of course; they absolutely do not care that a political figure has appeared in this country, who not only strongly demonstrates but openly declares that he is in control, that the law does not apply to him. They are not interested that one man has wiped out the entire Constitution and proclaimed himself the guarantor of stability.

I have been wondering: is there at least one honest and courageous public prosecutor who is not afraid to open a criminal case on the usurpation of power in the country? Is there at least one police officer in the country who is not afraid to go against the organized crime groups, at least one who stands on the side of the people?

The answer, alas, is obvious. To count on awareness, independence and courage of the security forces in a police state is naive.

But to expose them — to identify all the supporters of the regime — is still needed. I propose to start with a collective petition to the General Prosecutor’s Office demanding the opening of a criminal case on usurpation of power in the state by Plahotniuc and his mafia.

P.S.: To all the opposition leaders who continue to believe in general elections for President under the “rules” of Plahotniuc, I suggest that you once again review his speech.
You do not need to elect a president, but bring down the criminal regime! Otherwise — you’ll get the promised stabilization!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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