Lugansk Komsomol: Children of Donbass demand peace

June 1: “In the evening, my mother collected warm clothes, documents, took water, and we went down to sleep in the basement. It was very damp and cold. Now I dream of the smell of the damp cellar at night,” Dima, 12 years old.

“There was no light, no water. I had to walk to the village of Roskoshnoye for it. It was scary. For the first month I didn’t sleep. I hugged my cat at night and cried. Kitty was also afraid,” Daniel, 12 years old.

“I wanted to shout to the whole world! Screaming in fear for my city, friends and family … I hope no one else ever experiences these horrible feelings! I want to have peace in the world!” Lyuba, 11 years old.

The children of Donbass are trying to tell politicians what they have experienced and what they want now. Their simple, heartfelt letters will be collected by the Lugansk Komsomol and transferred to the United Nations. This was reported by the leader of the Young Communist League, Anna Brekhova.

According to her, the Young Communists have already collected several hundred children’s messages.

“Each letter is a unique story. It’s a big act of love from each little person for their family, home, and native land. And in each is a question: why is there war? Can adults simply not agree?” said Brekhova.

She expressed the hope that political leaders will not be indifferent to the stories of Lugansk children, and their calls for peace will be heard.

Recall that the campaign titled “Children of Donbass Write to the World” was begun by the Lugansk Komsomol on May 11, 2016 and is expected to finish in September. Submit your letter to:


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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