Alexey Markov: Horror in our town!

By Alexey Markov
Deputy Commander, Prizrak (Ghost Brigade)

May 24: In the photo — frightened residents of Alchevsk held at gunpoint, mixing concrete for the base of the monument to Alexei Mozgovoi. Even children are not spared by the fiends of the Ghost Brigade! 🙂 

In reality, we didn’t even have time to take up shovels, when local men who gathered politely but firmly pushed us away from the workplace, saying: “We’ll do this.” At this time, their better halves are collecting signatures for the preservation of the monument, which someone has already strongly declared an eyesore. But all day people came to the monument carrying flowers, and an 83-year-old grandmother came with a rake (which nobody managed to take away from her) and cleaned all the land around it.

But now I can safely write on my resume: “work experience – foreman – 3 days.” 🙂


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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