Alchevsk residents mobilizing to defend Mozgovoi monument

By Marina Tesminetskaya

On May 23, the anniversary of the death of A.B. Mozgovoi, near the Palace of Culture of Metallurgists in Alchevsk, a monument to the legendary commander was unveiled. Alchevsk residents waited for the installation and supported the initiators of this event. Now the townspeople learn that the monument is allegedly illegal and subject to demolition.

We, the residents of the city of Alchevsk, oppose the demolition! And we announce a campaign for the collection of signatures for the preservation of the monument!

Permission for the installation was first given, the installation of the monument began – and yesterday morning officials withdrew permission and declared it illegally placed. Commander of the Ghost Brigade Shevchenko was fired today, we are asking for public support, the monument may be removed at any moment. Anya Geina and her group “Good Hands” are collecting signatures near the monument, we will be at the paper office (Lipovenko Street 7, hours 11 to 14), anyone who wishes to help is welcome!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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