Grigory Petrenko condemns attacks on ‘No Fear’ LGBT march in Moldova

By Grigory Petrenko

Leader of Red Bloc 
Leader of the Red Bloc party and political prisoner Grigory Petrenko issued this important statement on social media against both “left” and right attacks on LGBTQ marchers in Chisinau, Moldova. Petrenko is currently restricted by court order from taking part in public demonstrations. The march of 300 people on Sunday, May 22, was reportedly forced to shorten its route because of an Orthodox counter-protest, while the Party of Socialists of Igor Dodon held an “alternative, pro-traditional family” festival.
May 21: A few thoughts in connection with the hysteria around the “Fara Frica”march [‘No Fear,’ a march of the lesbian/gay/bi/trans community in Moldova]:

Instead of dealing with the regime and building energetic protests against [oligarch Vlad] Plahotniuc and his mafia, the so-called opposition is again struggling with imaginary threats and diverting the public’s attention away from the real issues. After a valiant struggle with Unionist puppets and then with American trucks and bulldozers, comes the turn of the LGBT movement.

Red Bloc leader Grigory Petrenko
At the risk of causing a storm of criticism against myself and all kinds of jokes, I’m absolutely sure that the “Fara Frica” march which will take place on Sunday poses no threat to society, nor families, nor Orthodoxy, nor anyone. People, there is no need to be afraid! Don’t be afraid, we’re all different, don’t be afraid of persecution, don’t be afraid to be yourself! It is a challenge to the fears and hatred which surrounds Moldovan society today!

I believe that citizens should have the right to freedom of expression, even if someone doesn’t like it.

Many are winning applause and scoring hundreds and thousands of likes in social networks by promoting hatred, exploiting prejudices and unsubstantiated fear. Including the politicians. That’s what extreme right-wing populists throughout the world do. In Moldova, the vast majority of them are irresponsible false populists!!! I personally don’t want to be a populist! So now I write what I think, but not what many would like to hear from me.

We have no leftist parties! Not one left party, not only in Europe but throughout the world, would allow itself to oppose peaceful actions, encourage their activists to throw eggs at people just because they have a different sexual orientation. It’s savagery and obscurantism. It has nothing to do with socialist values.You can call yourself whatever you like, “Kantaryana witnesses”, Markela, chibrika etc. Just don’t want to call yourselves socialists, leftists, etc.

‘No Fear’ march in Chisinau, Moldova, May 22.
We don’t have any pro-European parties! None of the leaders of the so-called pro-European forces will march tomorrow in solidarity with “Fara Frica.” They fear for their ratings. They think about the presidential election. For them populism and the need to conform to traditional conservative ways of Moldovan society is more important than human rights.

The party in power is generally silent. Plakhotniuc and his mafia are rubbing their hands together. Cutbacks and violent schemes will continue to operate until the so-called opposition takes all of this fight to the regime.

I don’t want to be a populist!
I have no fear to say what I think!
Fara Frica! (No fear!)

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