Lugansk Komsomol presents books to students on Pioneer Day

On May 19, the Day of the Pioneers, the Komsomol presented school libraries in Lugansk with books collected during the campaign “Books in the Service of Peace.” This was reported by the leader of the Lugansk Young Communist League Anna Brekhova.

According to her, the books were handed over to pupils of schools No. 59 (Lugansk “Childhood Academy” educational association) and No. 6.

“Today we summed up the results of the campaign. A total of 1,060 books and manuals were collected. In a festive atmosphere, on the day when the anniversary of the creation of the All-Union Pioneer children’s organization, we handed over the books to students in the schools,” said Brekhova.

She added that similar events were held in other cities of the Republic.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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