‘In war as in war’: Memorials to Ghost leader Mozgovoi erected in Alchevsk

By Alexey Markov
Deputy Commander, Prizrak (Ghost Brigade)

May 23: The installation of memorials at the cemetery ended late last night. Guys spent three days without straightening their backs, mixing concrete, placing stones, laying stone paths and erecting the monuments, and in the back they worried: “No … over there … not there then.” But today relatives and friends of our fallen came to the funeral and embraced them with tears of gratitude. Is there a better reward?

Alchevsk is now installing a monument to our Brigade Commander Alexei Borisovich Mozgovoi. Since yesterday, a significant number of local residents have surrounded the area, ready at any moment to help with hands or tools, and, if necessary — to protect the monument itself, as Borisych once defended them. 

Maybe tomorrow we will be deprived of posts and ranks. Maybe even go to jail. But the decision of the “Ghosts” was common and unanimous: on the anniversary of his death, the monument to our Brigade Commander and the ideas that he represented will stand in the city. We gave our word to the people, and we will keep it, whatever it may cost us.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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