Meeting of communists from Lugansk and U.S.

May 7: Greg Butterfield, a co-founder and coordinator of the American antiwar International Action Center (IAC) in matters related to the military conflict in Donbass, met with the Lugansk Communists. This was related by Secretary of the Lugansk Regional Committee of the Communist Party Ekaterina Popova.

“Our comrades from Workers World Party (USA), and Mr. Butterfield personally, have provided us with invaluable assistance and support in breaking the information blockade of Donbass. Thanks to their efforts, we can bring to the world community the truth about what is happening in Lugansk, as well as the position of the Communists.

“During the last year our comrades held a series of anti-war actions at home, demanding the U.S. government put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to immediately cease hostilities in the Donbass,” said Popov.

According to the Communist, during the meeting the parties exchanged memorable presents, and discussed the situation in Lugansk, as well as plans for further cooperation.

“We are grateful to our American friends for their support, and we hope that through joint efforts at the international level, we will be able to return peace to Donbass,” Popov added.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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