Donetsk: Memorial rally for Kharkov antifascists

On March 13, activists of the Communist Union of Donbass (KOD) held a rally in honor of Artem Zhudov and Alexei Sharov , anti-fascist comrades who fell in Kharkov in 2014. 

The KOD raised the red flag and portraits of the dead guys at the monument to Artem in Donetsk, in solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance of the Kharkov region, political prisoners and refugees who were victims of neo-Nazi repression.

Recall that on the night of March 13-14, 2014, a neo-Nazi gang (which later formed the backbone of the “Azov” battalion) killed two anti-fascists on Rymarskaya Street in Kharkov. 

Rymarskaya Street was the headquarters of the so-called “Patriotic Education Center,” which served as a cover for the headquarters of the ultra-right in Kharkov, where weapons and explosives were stored.

Svetlana: “After the events on Rymarskaya Street, the neo-Nazis no longer feared the law and realized that the Kharkov authorities would close their eyes to all their crimes. Over the next two months, those participating in the antifascist movement in Kharkov were subjected to ultra-right terror. They were abducted, beaten, arrested en masse. Many of the most active were forced to leave the city. Some became refugees, some came to the Donbass. We not only want to remember our fallen comrades, but also express solidarity with everyone who today opposes fascism.”


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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