Moldova: Protests in support of Red Bloc prisoners continue into the night

February 15: Hundreds of protesters, who came out to the Riscani sector courthouse to demand the release of the Petrenko Group political prisoners, continued chanting slogans into the evening. 
Ana Ursachi (right), attorney for Petrenko Group, addresses the protesters outside courthouse.
Protesters shake police van as political prisoners, fists raised, are brought out
of the courthouse by masked police.

“We will not give up! Freedom to political prisoners! Down with [oligarch Vlad] Plahotniuc! Plahotniuc, do not forget, the prison is your home!” – the protesters chanted these and other slogans.

The courthouse is guarded by hundreds of armed special forces police wearing masks and carrying shields.

Riot police wade into crowd of thousands of protesters, swinging battons.

The people demanded the release of the political prisoners, but the court rejected the defense’s request and upheld the arrest of the Petrenko Group.

Subsequently, protesters decided to march to the square of the Grand National Assembly.

Protesters march to the Grand National Assembly in Chisinau.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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