Lugansk Communists congratulated veteran-liberator of Lugansk

Today, February 16, Lugansk Communists congratulated Vasily Grigorievich Zveryakov on the holiday of the liberation of Lugansk. He was born October 2, 1925, in the village of Parkhomenko, Krasnodon district. At age 18, he was drafted into the Soviet Army at the regimental school. But there was no time to study – the enemy was advancing.


Lugansk comrades meet with hero of the Great Patriotic War, Vasily Grigorievich Zveryakov (left).
He became assistant commander of his platoon. In February 1943, he was one of the Red Army soldiers given the task of sneaking deep behind enemy lines. One result of this operation was the liberation of Lugansk.

“Knowing the terrain, because Pankivka is my homeland, I took the forest roads to Novosvitlivka,” says Vasily. “There, fierce fighting began. Many of my friends were killed. But at Voroshilovgrad [as  the city of Lugansk was then known], we broke and kicked out the enemy.”

During the Victory of May 1945, Vasily’s battalion met the Party Secretary at Königsberg [later Kaliningrad]. After the victory he returned to restore his native city, graduated from the Mining College, and helped build the Voroshilovgrad electrical works. He was awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War, 1st Class, “For Courage” and the medals “For Courage” and “For the Capture of Königsberg.”

Photos: Lugansk Communists – Union of Left Forces

It is said that soldiers are killed twice: first on the battlefield, and then, many years later, when they are forgotten. We, their descendants, must remember their great feat and carefully pass it on to future generations. All those who brought victory to our people over fascism deserve immortality.

Press service of Lugansk Communists – Union of Left Forces


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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