Capitalism unleashes horrific wars for profit: Borotba to Munich anti-NATO protest

Borotba solidarity message to protest against the NATO security conference in Munich, Germany

February 13, 2016


The world is on the threshold of great change. The capitalist economic model has stalled in crisis. Contradictions between the leading capitalist countries worsen. In the struggle to preserve their profits, horrific wars are unleashed by the ruling elites on many parts of the world. For their own selfish purposes, they employ right-radical forces, like in Ukraine, or religious fanatics, like in the Middle East.

Protest against NATO ‘security conference’ in Munich, Germany, Feb. 13.
Photo: Antiimperialistische Aktion

The U.S. is trying to maintain its economic dominance over the world, and for that purpose uses all the tools at its disposal — restructuring existing economic associations, such as the WTO, and trying to create new ones, such as the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships. To protect its dominance, the U.S. has been expanding the NATO military bloc to the east, as is openly stated by NATO Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow. Increased military presence in the Baltic states aims to put pressure on its rival — Russia.

Analyzing the processes occurring in the world economy, and as a result in politics, Union Borotba believes the time has come to create a single international structure capable of coordinating all communist and progressive forces that are striving to create a more equitable world order — socialism.

Today, the struggle against the capitalist system is carried out in all countries, including in Ukraine. Many of our comrades have lost their freedom in that struggle, and some – their lives!

However, the lofty ideals for which our party is fighting will still win, because the idea of ​​building a new, more just society lives in the hearts of millions of Ukrainians. And it is our task to organize them.

We express our solidarity to all supporters of the ideas of Marx, all anti-fascists and all progressive society, struggling against the capitalist system!

Long live international proletarian unity!

Victory will be ours!

Alexey Albu, coordinator
Union Borotba (Struggle)

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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