Ukraine: 25 large State-Owned Enterprises to be auctioned off

The focus of large-scale privatization in Ukraine, which is to begin in the coming year, should be about 25 state-owned enterprises, which strategic foreign investors have already expressed an interest in. First on the list for privatization is the Odessa Portside Plant [one of Ukraine’s largest chemical enterprises]. 

Odessa Portside Plant
Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavičius said this during a television interview, according to news agency

“We’ve identified about 25 companies – from the energy sector, chemical industry, port infrastructure, where there is a real interest from strategic foreign investors. (…) Odessa Port Plant is to be sold first, then Centrenergo [energy company]. We must sell “Ukrspirt” [alcohol and liquor], engineering enterprises, PJSC [State Food]. At the Odessa Port we’ve identified 11 potential investors who have shown interest, plus there’s an adviser,” said Abromavičius.

He stressed that the Verkhovna Rada [parliament] should start large-scale privatization by adopting the necessary legislation to abolish a number of rules, bearing signs of corruption.

Earlier the head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine Igor Bilous noted that successful privatization may help bail out Ukraine’s budget up to 30 billion USD. The budget for 2016 projected the revenue from privatization at 17 billion USD.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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