Petrenko: Oligarch’s courtroom has nothing to do with justice

The decision of the Riscani Sector Court in Chisinau, rejecting the declaration of personal guarantees filed by four European officials for the release of Grigory Petrenko, shows that justice in Moldova, administered by oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, has nothing to do with the “European aspirations” expressed by the current regime. 

Petrenko Group political prisoners in court.
Photo: OMEGA

This was stated by former MP, honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and current political prisoner Grigory Petrenko on Monday, January 25, after the announcement of the decision.

“The court was presented with four declarations of personal guarantees from two members of PACE and two deputies of the European Parliament. These are people with impeccable reputations, they could not be ignored. Two of them are leaders of factions. I think this is a political decision, which is yet another proof that the court is guided not by the letter of the law but by the orders of Plahotniuc,” said Grigory Petrenko.

“It is a shameful decision for Moldova, because for the first time four European officials presented personal guarantees. I think that in the context of the so-called pro-European rhetoric of the current government, this decision is illustrative and shows that the trial system in Moldova has nothing to do with European norms and standards, or with pro-European aspirations,” said Petrenko.

On Monday, January 25, the Riscani Court rejected as “baseless” the declarations of European officials — members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament — for the release from detention of political prisoner Gregory Petrenko.

The decision was made by judges Ludmila Ursu, Tatiana Bivol and Grigore Cazacu.

Recall that the four European official handed over to the courts of the Republic of Moldova a declaration of personal guarantees in favor of political prisoner Gregory Petrenko, which demanded his unconditional release.

Guarantees for Grigory Petrenko were presented by the following four European officials: Helmut Scholz – Member of European Parliament, member of the European United Left; Gabriele Zimmer – MEP, Chair of the Group of the European United Left. (GUE / NGL); Tiny Kox – leader of the Dutch Senate, Chair of the United Left group of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE); Andrej Hunko, member of PACE, MP of the German Bundestag.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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