Donetsk: Hundreds mark anniversary of Soviet Ukraine’s liberation from Nazi rule

Donetsk, October 28 (DAN): About 500 people gathered at a rally in Donetsk today to mark the 71st anniversary of the liberation of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from the German invaders. The action took place at the monument to the victims of fascism in the Metropolitan Park of Slavic Culture.

The rally was attended by representatives of the ruling movement “Donetsk Republic,” veterans of the Great Patriotic War who participated in the liberation operations, public figures and ordinary citizens.

“Today is the day of Ukraine’s liberation from fascism, but unfortunately, she doesn’t remember. Today they have other heroes, who killed women and children. This is painful to watch. Ukraine is ruled by fascists who want to change history, but they will not succeed. Fascism did not pass then, and is shall not pass now,” said Deputy of the People’s Soviet of the DNR Ekaterina Martyanova.

Organizers told participants about the history of the liberation movement, and recalled specific cases of atrocities by the occupiers. Young Pioneers of Makeyevka prepared thank-you posters, military-patriotic poems and drawings for the veterans.

“We celebrate the Day of Liberation of Ukraine in a new way, because we now live in the Donetsk People’s Republic. And now, our people again stand up with honor and dignity,” said the chairman of the Union of Soviet Officers, retired Colonel Edward Lyubimov.

Veterans who participated in the rally, in turn, urged their colleagues in Ukraine to repeat the feat of 70 years ago, despite the conflict between Kiev and Donetsk.

“We hope that they soon overthrow the fascist dictatorship, as in the time of the war. Let them have a healthy and long life,” veteran Vsevolod Kozarets told DAN’s correspondent.

After the official part of the event, participants laid flowers at the Eternal Flame.

Note: The Day of Liberation of the Ukrainian SSR was established in 2009 by Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. The holiday is celebrated annually on October 28. On that day in 1944, Soviet troops successfully completed the Battle of the Dukla Pass, thus liberating civilians from the Nazis. The liberation of Ukraine took place from January 1943 to October 1944. During that time the Red Army held 15 offensive operations on the territory of Ukraine.


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