ROT Front: Communists want to celebrate November 7 on Red Square

October 28: Representatives of “non-system” communists and leftists filed notice with the Moscow city government on holding a march and rally on November 7 in the city center. The rally will take place on Revolution Square, and the march will make a stop at Red Square. According to the organizers, the main square of the country should be available to citizens at any time.

The notice, signed by representatives of several organizations, refers to a procession from Passionate Boulevard to Bolshaya Street, Dmitrovka Boulevard and a subsequent rally on Revolution Square near the monument to Karl Marx. Alternatively, the organizers offer to hold a rally followed by a stop on Red Square to lay flowers.

According to the organizers, small rallies in this format are held every Saturday and do not cause the authorities to react. As official organizer, the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKRP) signed the application. The stop in Red Square is coordinated with the Federal Security Service (FSS).

“In the so-called totalitarian, Soviet era, there was free access to Red Square, there was a general roadway,” says Yuri Vershinsky, one of the organizers of the rally, a representative of the Russian United Labor Front (ROT Front) party at the Moscow City Duma. “Why is a democratic government now afraid to let people go there? We believe that we have the moral and legal right to hold public events on Red Square.”

According to preliminary information, the attitude of the mayor’s office to the initiative of the left was negative.

The organizing committee responsible for preparation of the action on November 7 includes representatives of a number of left-wing organizations and movements: ROT Front, RKRP, Left Front, Labor Russia, Revolutionary Workers’ Party (RRP) and others.

Two years ago, on November 7, 2013, a rally conducted by ROT Front ended with mass arrests of participants, because the metropolitan government refused to agree on a location for the march and rally.

ROT Front Press Center
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Translated by Greg Butterfield

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