Novorossiya needs volunteers. The war is not over!

Novorossiya needs volunteers. The war is not over in Novorossiya. It’s only moved into another phase — the phase of protracted confrontation, when the warring parties haunt each other’s nightmares with DRGs (Sabotage & Reconnaissance Groups), etc.
With the end of full-scale hostilities, Russian and other volunteers began to leave the LDNR (Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics). Some battalions were reduced by as much as 30 to 40 percent. During active fighting, a unit consisted of 350 people. Now it can be registered with 60-70 people.
Russians love to fight, and they fight well. Therefore, for many volunteers from Russia, the end of the active phase of combat served as a signal: it’s boring here, time to go home. And yet, in Novorossiya, everything is just beginning.
The LDNR is in a difficult situation, where the old regime was overthrown, and a new chain of command is just being built, and is still pretty shaky. This creates internal conflicts and the like. This is an inevitable consequence of post-war construction, when all state structures must be created from scratch.
This is also the period of formation of the Armed Forces of the LDNR. It is called militia by force of habit. But there is no militia anymore. It is the Armed Forces of the LDNR. And here Russian volunteers could be very helpful.
The Army of Novorossiya desperately needs skilled workers. Qualified personnel from Russia rushed in the opposite direction — home. And now Novorossiya needs experienced signalmen, engineers, junior and mid-level commanders, officers with experience in security services, etc.
Ordinary soldiers are also needed. The Republics are at war with the Kiev junta. The Novorossiyan Armed Forces hold the front line, and are not fully staffed in all areas. Quite the contrary.
Conditions for enlistment in Donetsk: it is necessary to conclude a contract for a minimum of 1 year. The conditions are a bit easier in Lugansk. Annual contracts are not necessary, but the applicants have to go through official registration, since there is no militia but the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Simply put, the army.
The Ukrainian press lied when they claimed that only mercenaries fight in Novorossiya. In fact, the militia began to receive a salary only in July 2015. Until then they fought on enthusiasm. Now the ordinary militiaman in the LC gets 15,000 rubles. An NCO’s salary is slightly higher. By local standards, it is a respectable salary.
That is, Novorossiya, as before, is in need of volunteers. Veterans of hotspots from Transnistria, Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia could share their experience with the young army of the LDNR.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) doesn’t need instructors. The Poles, British and Americans have come to train the Ukrainian warriors. Not counting the informal instructors who arrived in Ukraine on their own, sympathizing with the Ukrainian neo-Nazis: instructors from Italy, Sweden, etc.
The Armed Forces of the LDNR need to prepare for possible upcoming battles. The Armed Forces of the LDNR need to teach advanced tactical and strategic actions.
Today the LDNR needs volunteer soldiers no less than a year ago. It does not need autonomous brigades, each chieftain to himself. It needs a centralized army.
And such an army is being created. It would have been created more quickly if not for personnel shortages, from staff officers to combat officers. So, there is always a place in Novorossiya for volunteers. We cannot give up what was conquered with soul and blood.
Vyacheslav Nefedov

Be worthy of your ancestors! Join the Ghost Brigade! Hotline +38 050 517 31 67 and 380 667 523 621.
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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