Dotsya: Young warrior-poet of the Ghost Brigade

By Alexander Alexeyev
Donbass burns! Donbass weeps!
Our steppes burn! 
Mother sobs. Wife in tears. 
And our children are dying. 

There is a Nazi, crawling horde 
destroying all living things. 
Forgive us, Mother Earth … 
For what they do? 

Enemies will not conquer Donbass! 
The people don’t  kneel! 
And there will be peace! And there will be a mother!
And children running around ….

Young Bogdanka Neshcheret read this heartbreaking poem of her own composition at the funeral service for the late Brigade Commander Alexei Mozgovoi in the Soviet Square of Alchevsk. “We have all of you, dear friends, remember this!” After that Bogdanka became one of the symbols of the Ghost Brigade.

It’s said that after the death of Ghost Brigade Commander Alexei Mozgovoi, Bogdanka made the only correct decision for herself — to join the militia. Now on her chest and in the corresponding certificate, she is a “private” of the brigade.

“I have my duties here: I help our soldiers, and I support the fighting spirit of the team. In addition, I help the women in the kitchen peel potatoes sometimes, cook, wash dishes,” says Bogdanka. “The only thing I don’t like,” explains the girl, “is washing the floors and railings at headquarters. But whatever, maybe I’ll get used to it!”

The girl donates her brigade “salary” to the school TEC Svitanok, where she is in the 4th grade. With the money collected, Bogdanka got three backpacks for impoverished first-graders, and paper for the school.

“I like to do good deeds for people,” explains Bogdanka, “as Alexei Borisovich once taught me. His memory is eternal! He always acted according to conscience, helping all the people who turned to him for help. He had a good heart and an understanding soul! Now he is not with us, because the forces of the enemy killed him, but he will always remain in our hearts — a hero of Novorossiya. I miss him. May he rest in peace!” says Bogdan Neshcheret.

“My call sign is ‘Dotsya’ [Daughter]” says Bogdan. “I never cease writing poems addressed to my beloved uncle Lesha Mozgovoi. Besides writing poems, I love to draw. In the brigade we do not sit still, and I always try to be useful.”

“When I grow up a little more,” Bogdanka shares, “I want to be as bold and brave as Alexei Borisovich. After all, Uncle Lesha loved his people. For him, the people were his friends! I believe in the victory of Novorossiya, because we all help preserve the deep memory of Alexei Mozgovoi, the true patriot and hero of Novorossiya,” said Bogdan.

“Finally,” said Bogdanka Neshcheret, “I want to read my new poem.

“Ukrainian mother, wake up!
There are a thousand reasons.
The junta goes berserk in the Verkhovna Rada
And destroys all Ukrainian men.
There will not be a husband, a son or a father!
And no grandchildren to rock upon your knees!
Wake up, women! I beg you!
Men die in your villages.
And from whom will you give birth?
After all are killed!
And — Yes, time for you to stand up!
Men with their guns in Donbass.
Bring them home!
Do not let them shoot their brothers.
They will never crack Donbass!
Yes, and God will take retribution!”

So here she is, the young and talented Bogdanka Neshcheret – symbol of the Ghost Brigade.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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