Join the Red March in Moscow on November 7

The Red March in Moscow November 7 will be attended by the left-wing forces of the city. At the end of the march, a rally will be held.

Citizens of Russia! 
Many of you have noticed that every year our country moves more and more rapidly towards the abyss. 
The crisis is already in full swing and has touched all spheres of our lives. Prices for food, medicine, housing and utilities rise uncontrollably, while salaries remain the same or increase only slightly. 
The crisis affects our jobs. Across the country, there are mass layoffs. Workers in different fields are thrown out on the street or go unpaid in the guise of deferred wages.
Free education and medicine have sunk into oblivion. The retirement age will continue to rise, and social guarantees will fade away. 
All of this occurs with the permission of the authorities, who are totally dependent on government officials and oligarchs. They do not want Russia to develop the well-being of its citizens. 
However, can we put all the blame on them? All these troubles are also on our conscience! 
Absolute disregard for politics and principles by many of us has helped make the population of our city and our country puppets in the hands of officials. With our acquiescence, government officials and oligarchs in power commit their crimes. 
Are you fed up and no longer content to tolerate this outrage? Don’t be silent! 
Come out together on November 7 at the Red March, and say a resounding “No!” to those who mock the people.  

Update: On October 23 at 8.00 in the building of the Moscow Government, notification was filed for the November 7, 2015, Red March. 
Applicants notified the authorities of their intention to march from the Belorusskaya Metro station, gathering at 13.00, to Triumfalnaya Square, where a rally will be held.
In the Red March on the 98th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the leftist forces state the need for a speedy change of the current government in Russia from a neo-feudal and capitalist regime. 
The organizers plan to demand the release of all prisoners of conscience sitting in jail due to trumped up charges and other crimes of the authorities. 
Participants in the action will also their solidarity with the fighting people of Donbass and the resistance to Kiev’s junta. The crimes of the modern Nazis in Ukraine must be brought to an international tribunal.

Our calls: 

  • A new October will be! 
  • For free medicine! 
  • For progress and science! 
  • For decent wages! 
  • For free education! 
  • For nationalization of the banks and basic industries! 
  • Russia’s future is socialism! 
  • Down with the power of capital — power to the majority! 
  • Death to fascism — death to capitalism! 
  • Freedom for Sergei Udaltsov! Freedom for political prisoners!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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