‘Regime in agony’: Another Moldova opposition leader detained in Chisinau

Renato Usatîi, mayor of Balti and the leader of Our Party, was detained upon his arrival at the airport in Chisinau on Friday, October 23, by masked agents of the State Information and Security Service. He had just returned from Moscow.

Renato Usatîi

Usatîi was put into a van and driven away in the direction of Chisinau. Lawyer Anna Ursachi was not allowed to ride in the car with him.

Ursachi said Usatîi was presented with a document on the “forced drive” to the Prosecutor General. The lawyer believes that this concerns the publication on the Internet of telephone conversations between Ilana Shor’s and Vlad Filat. [Earlier this week, Usatîi released tapes of discussions between the Chisinau mayor and the former prime minister, implicating them in the country’s corruption scandal.]

Renato Usatîi must be delivered to the Prosecutor General’s Office in Chisinau, Stefan cel Mare Avenue 73, said the lawyer.

“The regime is in agony. Renato was detained. We are going to get more information,” wrote the leader of the Party of Socialists, Igor Dodon.


UPDATE: Usatîi removed from Prosecutor General’s Office to unknown location

The leader of Our Party, Renato Usatîi, was arrested for 72 hours and taken by masked men from the building of the Prosecutor General to an unknown location.

This was announced by vice-chairman of the party Ilian Casu. He also said that the authorities ordered a search of the apartment Renato Usatîi in Chisinau.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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