INTERUNIT: Introducing international anti-fascist unit of the Ghost Brigade

INTERUNIT: Statement No. 1

Creation of anti-fascist internationalist group in the Donbass Resistance

The Ghost Brigade has created an anti-fascist unit which will fight in Donbass called “Interunit.” This unit will operate in the territories of the Lugansk People’s Republic under the Command of the Brigade.

Political Commissar of the Brigade Alexey Markov (“Dobri”) declares:

“From the Command of Ghost Brigade (Prizrak): I appeal to all anti-fascists and communists of the world to join in our struggle against revived Nazism. This war concerns every one of you. It isn’t a small local conflict; it is a clash of two ideologies, just as it was in the late 1930s and early 1940s. The only question is who will win this time: the progressive forces of humanism and evolution or the reactionary forces of Nazism.

“Here beside us – fighting shoulder to shoulder — are volunteers from different countries, including Spain, Italy, Serbia and Israel. I hope that every day our numbers grow, so that our victory is the victory of all the progressive forces of humanity.

“The tasks before our internationalist unit aren’t just military missions, but also political and humanitarian ones. For those who come from other countries, to support our will to fight and bring the solidarity of the peoples of the world to the struggling people of Novorossiya, we have not only military tasks but also political and information work.”

At present, the Interunit has seven fighters. Soon their numbers will grow with the arrival of new volunteers from all over the world, and also because other internationalist anti-fascists fighting in the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics are joining.

Interunit is a military-political group that carries on the heritage of the Resistance against Nazism and other liberation struggles of the last century, and takes its motto from the Spanish Civil War: “No Pasarán!”

For more information, contact

Greek translation

INTERUNIT: Announcing the international anti-fascist unit of the Novorossiyan Ghost Brigade – (Video: Russian with English subtitles)

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