‘Idle chatter about conciliation in the Minsk framework’

By Evgeniy Golishkin

October 5: All this idle chatter about “conciliation of the parties within the framework of the Minsk process, with the assistance of the international community” is taken seriously only by naive people. Without total denazification (which will take years), all the nonsense about “amnesty” is ridiculous. 

Reconciliation with the fascist war criminals in Kiev? Not happening.
For example, the current Kiev regime has “charges” against me under Articles 109 [Actions Aimed at Violent Change or Overthrow of the Constitutional Order or Seizure of State Power], 258-3 [Creating a Terrorist Group or Terrorist Organization] and 263 [Illegal Possession of Weapons, Ammunition or Explosives] of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. (This is a common list for concerned citizens of Ukraine.)

Who will grant amnesty to me? The SBU, Right Sector, Azov, the current Prosecutor’s Office?! They took an oath of allegiance not allowed after February 22, 2014, therefore, well, I have no confidence in them. ‪#‎йдiть_ви_нахуй‬ [fuck off]

Or should I accept such officials as the “legitimate government”? Of course not. It will not be so, and we continue. ‪#‎мы_продолжаем‬

“Those who supported the Lugansk People’s Republic (LC) and Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) need to obtain tickets to Russia and leave Ukraine. So said [Kiev-appointed] Governor of the Lugansk Region George Tuka, responding to a question from Ukrainian media about the future of Donbass.

“I would like to get them back [the liberated territories], but without the ‘wool,’ without the separatists,” says Tuka. “For the terrorists there should be a one-way ticket to prison. And for those who did not take up arms, but supported the bandits, you need to provide one-way tickets to Rostov and Taganrog. How to implement it is another question: you can revoke their citizenship, or something else. One thing is clear: they have no place in our country.”

The invaders must be defeated by any means necessary.

Golishkin is a member of the Ukrainian anti-fascist organization Union Borotba (Struggle), which was forced underground by the Kiev junta shortly after the February 2014 coup. Like many Ukrainian political exiles, he continues his work against the fascist regime by assisting the Donbass people’s republics.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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